How To Play Two Dots

The great thing about a minimalistic game like Two Dots is that everyone can pick it up and play. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tricks of the trade you should pick up. Two Dots isn’t about random and sporadic matches, it’s about strategy. To help you dominate the every level of the game, use our Two Dots tips and cheats to help you through.

How To Play TwoDots

Make Squares

twodots2 Squares will help you to beat a majority of the levels in TwoDots. When you form a square, all of the same colored dots will be taken from the board. Since one of the colors clears from the board, it will help you to set up the board for more squares. If you are able to continuously make squares, your points will increase and you will be able to collect the requirements more quickly. Do not worry about making large squares. Since all of the colored dots will be eliminated from the board, it will be a waste of time to focus on the size of the square. When a square presents itself, do not hesitate to make it!

Strategy, Not Speed

twodots-1 There is no time limit set for the levels in TwoDots. When you move too quickly in the game, you may miss a great opportunity to make squares. Also, moving too quickly may potentially lead to you missing one of the dots in a combination. TwoDots is based on strategy, not speed. Take your time and look around the board for potential matches that can help to set you up for success!

Make Bombs

twodots-4 Bombs can be very helpful in this game. To make a bomb, you will need to make a square around a different colored dot. Although they may be difficult to make, they can be very beneficial when you are running out moves. When bombs are activated they will eliminate multiple dots in the surrounding area. If you are having trouble collecting all of the required dots, look to make bombs to help collect multiple dots with a single move.

Drop Anchors

two dots anchors

As you play though the game, you will find more objectives you will need to complete to pass a level. Aside from clearing colored dots, you will first find that you need to drop anchors. If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga before, you are familiar with the concept of dropping elements. If you are not familiar with this concept, it’s simple. All you need to do to drop an anchor, is move it to the bottom of the level so it exits the board. Therefore you will need to clear out whatever sits below the anchor. This can be done with simple matches, squares, and bombs.

Break Ice Blocks

two dots ice blocks

Another element you will have to combat is ice blocks. These ice blocks surround your colored dots and will force you to clear them from the board. So how do you clear the ice blocks in Two Dots? Simple. Ice blocks are broken when they have had the dot within them cleared three times. This can also be accomplished by clearing dots with square matches.

Put Out Fires

two dots flames

As you dive into the deep levels of Two Dots, you will also need to deal with flames. These blockers are a huge pain. If you make a move that does not put out a flame, another flame will spread and envelop another dot. Flames are extinguished when they have a element (dot, anchors, etc..) dropped on them. In other words, you will need to create a match with a dot above a flame so the column crashes down upon it. If you can remove ALL of the flames from the board, the dots will not return to the board.

Refill Lives


TwoDots allows you five lives. However, each time you fail to complete one of the levels, you will lose a life. Each life takes 20 minutes to refill. If you are having trouble with a more difficult level, refill your lives before starting it. To refill your lives, play easier levels that you know you can beat to pass the time until all five lives are back. When you have refilled all five lives, return to the more difficult level and try it again. If you do not want to wait, go to your device settings and turn the clock ahead twenty minutes or more, depending on how many lives you want to refill.