Two Dots Level Walkthroughs and Tips

Two Dots level walkthroughs and tips to help you beat every level of the game! We’ve compiled guides to every level of Two Dots so you can get the help you need to win. Two Dots is a very simple game in theory, but the game can get very challenging. Even puzzles with “easy” win conditions can get complex if they have strange layouts. Are you one of the many players having trouble with Two Dots? Don’t worry, because you’re definitely not alone. Click the number of the levels with which you need help below for full Two Dots walkthroughs and tips.




While some Two Dots levels are pretty straightforward, others require Two Dots walkthroughs to even understand. One of the toughest levels is level 35. Although it doesn’t have any obstacles, it’s still hard to gather 120 specific dots plus 12 anchors in 30 moves. Often, the solution to your woes will be to simply concentrate on making at many squares as possible. Removing mass quantities of dots at once will simplify the board and make additional matches easier to find.

Above all, we recommend you stay calm and don’t panic! It’s just a game, but it’s also a game we can help you win. Just use our Two Dots walkthroughs whenever you get stuck, and you’ll be fine. Still having trouble after reading our Two Dots walkthroughs? Leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to help you out some more!