Two Dots Level 85 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 85 tips to help you beat this level.  The objective of level 85 is to break 20 blocks of ice in 71 moves

Two Dots Level 85

Level 85 Tip 1:Work from the center

two dots level 85

Look to make combinations in the center of the board first. If there are no opportunities to make a square in the first few moves, try to remove some of the fire.

Level 85 Tip 2: Take out the center flames

two dots level 85
The fire is covering the ice blocks, making it more difficult to break.  This means you will need to use more than one move to break the ice blocks.
Look to clear the center row of fire and ice blocks first.  This way you will be able to start to make your way to the hard to reach side columns.

Level 85 Tip 3:Hit the bottom section of flames/ice

two dots level 85
Once you are able to open up the board more, look to clear the bottom two rows of fire and ice blocks.  When they are opened up, it will be easier for you to create squares.

Level 85 Tip 3: Prevent flames from spreading with squares

two dots level 85
In Two Dots Level 85 you will need to work quick. The fire will continue to come back and spread once you have cleared the ice blocks.
The fewer dots you have on the board, the more difficult it will be to clear the ice blocks.
The best way to reduce the chance of having your board being overtaken by fire, is to create squares. Squares will help you to remove an entire color from the board.
When you are able to create one square, more squares will follow.  Continuously creating squares will help you to remove the fire and ice blocks that are standing in your way.
Once the fire has been removed, look to make combinations with the same color dot that is stuck in the ice block.  This will help you to remove the ice blocks quicker.


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