Two Dots Level 82 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 82 tips will help you beat this level.  The objective of level 82 is to break 12 blocks of ice in 47 moves

Two Dots Level 82

Level 82 Tip #1: Don’t ignore the bottom

two dots level 82

Work both the top and bottom of the board.  If you leave the bottom for too long, the fire will overtake a majority of the dots.

Level 82 Tip #2: Work the right side first

two dots level 82
Look to make combinations on the right side of the board first.  Since there is fire in the right three columns, you want to clear that as quickly as possible.
Remember, if you do not clear the fire, it will continue to spread and take over the dots on the board. With fewer dots to work with, you will have less of a chance to create squares.  Also, you will need to clear the fire on the right side of the board to get to the ice blocks.

Level 82 Tip # Form Squares

two dots level 82
Once you clear the top half of the board from the fire, go to the bottom of the board and start clearing the fire off of the bottom.
When the board is more open, you will be able to create squares. Since there are ice blocks in this level, having fewer colors on the board will help you break the ice more quickly.

Level 82 Tip #4: Patience

two dots level 82
Breaking the ice blocks may take some time so be patient and do not be too eager.  The board is open, making it easy to overlook a great opportunity to either break and ice block or create a square.
Continue to scan both the top half and bottom half of the board during this level.  Once you have cleared the fire from the board, focus on creating squares and breaking the ice.


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