Two Dots Level 8 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 8 tips will help you beat this level of the game.  The objective of level 8 is to clear 15 purple, 15 red, 15 red and 15 yellow in 23 moves.

Two Dots Level 8


  • The board in this level will make fulfilling the objectives a little more challenging. With less opportunity to make large combinations, you will need to strategize in this level.
  • If the board gives you a square to start, take advantage of it and continue to make squares.  If it does not give you a square, strategize your moves to form a square.
  • It may take a few moves to create a square, but once you do the cascade effect will take over.  The cascade effect will help you to continuously set your board up for more squares.


  • Since you are only given 23 moves, you need to create squares.  Squares will be the most effective way to collect the required objectives. If you can not create a square, look to create long combinations.
  • Once you fulfill one of the colors that are needed, look to fulfill the other three colors.  Try to create squares with the colors you have already collected. That way all of that color will be taken from the board and you will only be left with the colors that still nee to be collected.
  • Since you have a limited amount of moves, you want to make sure you are continuously scanning the board to make sure you do not miss an opportunity to create a square or large combination.


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