Two Dots Level 78 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 78 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 78 is to break 6 blocks of ice in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 78


  • The board on which Two Dots level 78 is played is a very small one. This makes completing your objectives–breaking all six blocks of ice–especially tricky.
  • You only have a three by eight rectangle of dots to use in Two Dots level 78. That’s just 24 spaces. To make matters worse, two of those spaces are taken up by blocks.
  • These blocks effectively prevent you from making squares for most of the game. If you ever see a square or a chance to make a square, you should take it. That pleasure will not come often.
  • It seems odd not to play with many squares. After all, we’ve recommended you look for them constantly for almost the entire guide thus far. But don’t worry too much about squares. Concentrate instead on extinguishing the fire.
  • Fire dots are occupying three blocks of ice. You’ll need to put out all the fire to win. Don’t worry about breaking the blocks on the left side right away. They’re not going anywhere. Getting rid of the fire quickly is your top priority in Two Dots level 78.
  • Try not to let the fire get past the midway point of the level. If you do, it will be much more difficult to win Two Dots level 78.
  • Look for moves that will get rid of the most fire dots in a single turn. You have 30 moves, which means you’ll need to average a broken block every 5 turns. Efficiency is key for meeting the goal of Two Dots level 78.
  • If you don’t see many moves available right away, exit the level immediately without making a move and then reenter to reset the board without losing a life.

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