Two Dots Level 77 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 77 tips will help you beat this level. The objective of level 77 is to drop 3 anchors and break 5 blocks of ice in 15 moves.

Two Dots Level 77


  • Bring down the anchors first. To start the level, there will be three anchors at the top of the board on top of the ice blocks.
  • Make moves on the bottom half of the board to bring down the anchors.  Once they are down, align the dots that are underneath the anchors to collect them from the board.  The three anchors should not be hard to collect.
  • If you are having trouble aligning two or more dots at the bottom of the board, look to make squares of the color that is in your way.


  • Once you have removed the anchors, focus on the five ice blocks at the top of the board. Since they are separate from the rest of the board they will be harder to break.
  • When there are two or more like colors in the five space, make sure you collect them right away.
  • If you do not have any options at the top, make matches on the bottom to bring new colors into those spaces.  Look to make squares at the bottom of the board if possible.
  • Squares will help you to eliminate one color at a time, making it more likely that the same color dots will end up in the five spaces above. Once you make one square, more squares will follow allowing you to use your moves more effectively.
  • If you have extra moves left over, your stars and points will increase.


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