Two Dots Level 73 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 73 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 73 is to clear 60 pink, 60 blue, 60 purple, 60 green and 60 yellow in 45 moves

Two Dots Level 73


  • Two Dots level 73 is another one of those levels where you can’t overthink things. If you get too scared by the objectives, you’ll freeze up and won’t win. The way to beat Two Dots level 73 is much simpler–and even easier–than it looks.
  • Of course, even we have to admit that collecting 300 dots in 45 turns is no small task. You need to get more than 6 dots per turn on average to win. Knowing that math is in place, you should know what to look for already.
  • Squares are the most important things in Two Dots level 73. Since there are five colors, the board won’t ever be truly “simplified.” But you can at least try to keep it to four colors as often as possible.
  • The good thing about having lots of colors to collect in Two Dots level 73 is that no dots on the board are unnecessary. Even if you make a small move to create a square next turn, that small move will still bring you closer to your goal.
  • Remember that all colors of dots will always fall into Two Dots level 73. This goes for dots of colors you’ve already completed. It’s a good idea to collect all your colors evenly, rather than concentrating on a few colors. If you collect more than 60 dots of a given color, it won’t help you complete the rest of your objectives.
  • However, when you get to the very end of Two Dots level 73, you may have some extra turns you won’t use. If this is the case and you see a square available to you in a color you’ve already collected, take it anyway. The number of dots you collect through this square will probably be greater than the number of dots you get from the end-of-level bombs.

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