Two Dots Level 72 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 72 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 72 is to drop 1 anchor in 33 moves.

Two Dots Level 72

Level 72 Tip 1: Concentrate on the top left first.


Two Dots level 72 is something of a maze. Thankfully, there aren’t branching passageways. But you’ll have to get through a twisting path nevertheless. There is only a single anchor to drop out of the board in Two Dots level 72. It’s behind a corridor of fire, though. You will need to extinguish it all, dot by dot. Before you begin, look at the top left hand corner of the board. Yes, Two Dots level 72 is another one with two sections of fire. This complicates the level a lot. You must not allow the fire to take over the bottom left corner. This is where your squares can be made. You can possibly make squares on the top of the puzzle once you get rid of the flames there, but that’s not a sure thing. So concentrate on getting rid of the single fire dot in the top corner first. Once it’s extinguished, you can move on to the rest of Two Dots level 72.

Level 72 Tip 2: Make squares in the bottom left corner.

Try to make 3×3 squares in the bottom corner to increase your score. Once you make enough, you may be able to make large squares in the bottom left corner of Two Dots level 72. These will turn one dot into a bomb, which will cause a secondary explosion for more points.

Level 72 Tip 3: Always be attacking the fire.

If a turn goes by in which you aren’t putting out fire, you’ve almost certainly wasted a turn. Always look at the dots that are touching flames to see if you can remove lots of them safely.

Level 72 Tip 4: Look for big matches.

The key to beating level 72 easily is to get rid of as many dots that touch flames every turn as you can. Keep hitting the flames dot by dot, and you’ll make it to the end of Two Dots level 72 without a problem. You’ll soon get to a point where you can only remove a single flame per turn. When that happens, just try to get rid of as many dots as possible each turn to jack up your high score.

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