Two Dots Level 71 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 71 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 71 is to clear 15 pink, 20 blue, 25 green and 30 purple in 25 moves.

Two Dots Level 71


  • Two Dots level 71 is a very small level with quite a bit of fire per capita. You need to be very careful!
  • You have 25 moves to get just under 100 dots. This means you should average a little less than four dots a turn. That sounds an awful like like a square, doesn’t it?
  • In Two Dots level 71, you have to deal with three sections of fire again. They start off kind of small, but will quickly grow if you don’t keep them in line.
  • It’s a good idea to pick one section of fire to destroy completely. Getting the sections of fire down to 2 early on will make the rest of Two Dots level 71 easier.
  • Remember that separate sections of fire will grow independently of one another. If you don’t manage to hit them all in a single turn, one or more of them will consume more dots.
  • Squares are the best tools to hit multiple patches of fire at once. Take a look at the Two Dots level 71 screenshot above. The purple square our player has made will hit the fire in a few different places at once.
  • Depending on what new dots fall into the board next turn, our player may be able to follow up with a pink square, removing even more fire and completing an objective.
  • Prioritize purple dots whenever possible. You need twice as many purple dots as pink to beat Two Dots level 71.
  • You should try to start with a square or two immediately. Reset the board right away if you can’t see any way to make one. Exit the board without making a move and then retry with a shuffled board.

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