Two Dots Level 7 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 7 tips will help you beat this level.  The objective of level 7 is to clear 50 purple, 50 red, 50 green, and 50 yellow in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 7


  • In this level bombs are introduced.  Bombs can be made when you make a square around a different colored dot.  For example, to make bomb would need to form eight purple dots around a yellow dot.
  • When you create a bomb, the bomb will act as a dot and take out the surrounding eight dots. This will help you to not only remove the entire color from the board when you create a square but will also collect eight additional dots.
  • Look to make squares in this level.  The board is big which allows for more options.  Continue to scan the board to make sure you do not pass up an opportunity to make a square.


  • Since you need to 50 purple, red, green, and yellow dots, you want to make sure you take your time.  Do not rush this level.  Continue to look around the board for squares and bombs.  Once you create one square, remember the cascade effect will take place and squares will continue to form on the board.
  • Do not lose focus of the dots that you need.  Some colors may be easier to collect than others.  If there is a big difference between the amount collected, make sure you begin to get the other dots caught up.
  • Once you have completed one objective, do not waste extra moves on that color unless completely necessary.  Look to create squares with that color in order to remove it from the board and allow other colors on.


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