Two Dots Level 68 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 68 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 68 is to clear 20 pink, 20 blue, 20 green and 20 yellow in 14 moves.

Two Dots Level 68


  • You’ve had to deal with two sections of fire before. Now, in Two Dots level 68, you’ll have to deal with three.
  • When fire is in multiple sections, any section that isn’t at least partly extinguished in a turn will grow. This is pretty bad when you have two sections. Having three is really tough! If you only hit one section in a turn, the other two will grow.
  • The reason there are three sections is because of the two annoying walls in the middle of the level. You will never be able to hit more than one section at a time with normal moves.
  • The way to win Two Dots level 68 is by making squares early and often. You only have 14 moves to collect 80 dots anyway, so squares are very important.
  • We can see in the screenshot above that there is a yellow square in the bottom of the middle column. This is a perfect first move. It collects lots of dots and puts out fire in two sections.
  • If there are no squares to be made in the first move, look for normal moves that will make squares. If you can’t find any move that will let you make a square in the first few turns, reset Two Dots level 68. This is done by exiting the level without making a move. You will be able to start Two Dots level 68 again without losing a life.
  • Since there are only three small squares of fire, you should be able to put them all out quickly by making enough squares.
  • There are lots of colors in Two Dots level 68, so squares are also important for keeping the board as simple as possible. Always look for moves that will help you make a square if you can’t find one naturally!

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