Two Dots Level 65 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 65 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 65 is to break 18 blocks of ice in 24 moves.

Two Dots Level 65 Tips

two dots level 65

  • Two Dots level 65 id no doubt one of the hardest levels in the game. But there is sound strategy: Making squares.
  • Luckily, there are only three colors in Two Dots level 65, which will surely assist you in creating squares. Since all of the dots that fall into the puzzle are either pink, purple, or yellow, there’s a great chance that many will end up together.
  • Once you starting creating and clearing matches, you should be able to form your first square.
  • Once this happens, it will become that much easier to keep the squares going. With only two colors on the board at a time, you’ll be able to find squares very simply. Just make sure to look for squares of the most populous color.
  • This was entire sets of colors will be removed, therefore putting out the flames and the ice. Make sure to look for colors that are touching lots of fire before making a square.
  • This is really the best option, as the flames on the sides will be too difficult to put out normally. There’s not much chance that you’ll be able to work your way down with conventional matches.
  • Remember the two blocks of ice in the corners! You do need to get rid of all the fire in this level, but not right away. It’s much better to concentrate on the middle first, so you can make lots of squares.
  • A really solid starting board will also be helpful. If you can’t find a square right away, reset the board. Don’t make a move, just exit the level. When you reenter, you will see a new board without having lost a life.

Two Dots Level 65

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