Two Dots Level 64 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 64 tips and tricks to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 64 is to drop 7 anchors in 45 moves.

Two Dots Level 64

Level 64 Tip #1: Don’t panic over anchors

two dots level 64

Two Dots level 64 is a very peculiar one. You’ll need to think outside the box (figuratively, not literally) to win.
You will begin Two Dots level 64 with all 7 anchors you need to win. However, not all of them will necessarily survive to the end.
There is also a large amount of fire at the bottom of Two Dots level 64. Although you don’t need to get rid of it all to win, it is highly recommended that you do.

Level 64 Tip #2: Sqaures asap

two dots level 64
Begin by immediately looking for squares. Bombs are your most precious friend in Two Dots level 64. They will help you tamp down the fire from a distance. Even if you can make a match next to the flames, you can make a bomb that will accomplish the same thing.

Level 64 Tip #3: Look under the rectangles

two dots level 64
Some anchors are above small rectangles. These rectangles are not blocking their path downward. In fact, they’re sort of helping the anchors sink. If you clear the space under a red rectangle, any dots or anchors above it will drop right through to the bottom of Two Dots level 64.
The anchors above rectangles can be easily sunk if you manage to clear out the bottom of the level. The other anchors do not fare as well. They will drop almost as quickly as their counterparts. But they are more exposed to fire.

Level 64 Tip #4: Reset if need be

two dots level 64
Like any other dot, an anchor can be consumed by fire. Try to keep the anchors from being eaten by the flames! If you can’t, you’ll have to wait until all other anchors on the board are sunk before the game will drop any more into the board.
Reset your board as necessary at the start of Two Dots level 64 until you see at least one or two chances to make a bomb right away.

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