Two Dots Level 62 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 62 tips and tricks to get you through this simple level of Two Dots. The objective of level 62 is to clear 25 pink dots, 25 blue dots, and 25 green dots in 21 moves.

Two Dots Level 62


  • Two Dots level 62 takes place on a small, three-by-seven board. Four of your 21 squares, however, are taken up by blocks. Luckily, these are only the corner squares. They aren’t very important.
  • The most important thing for you to do immediately upon starting Two Dots level 62 is to get rid of as much fire as possible. In such a small level, letting fire take over is a death sentence.
  • Unfortunately, the fire is divided into two groups of four dots each. Just because you extinguish some fire on one side of Two Dots level 62 doesn’t mean the other side won’t grow.
  • Alternate back and forth for the first few turns of Two Dots level 62. Eventually you should clear out enough space to make a box. The bomb will help you wipe out the fire entirely. That’s assuming it doesn’t wipe out the fire on its own.
  • Once the fire is gone, you can get down to business. Two Dots level 62 is a very simple level when you take away the fire. Concentrate on making as many bombs as possible.
  • The only dots in this level are pink, blue, and green. This means that every move will get you closer to meeting the objectives of Two Dots level 62. However, once you’ve collected 25 dots of one color, those dots will still fall into the puzzle. You need to ignore those.
  • Here’s the good news, though. Since there are only three colors at any time, making a bomb will cause the puzzle to drop to two colors. Once this happens, you’ll be able to make at least two or three more bombs in a row.
  • Keep making bombs every turn. If you can’t make a bomb, just make the largest available move. You’ll be able to complete Two Dots level 62 easily in no time.

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