Two Dots Level 61 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 61 is to clear 15 purple, 15 green, and 15 yellow in 23 moves

Two Dots Level 61


  • Two Dots level 61 is another very small board. It is only three dots wide and six dots tall. Four squares are blocked out by walls on the left and right side of the board.
  • These walls create a narrow column down the middle. This column is filled with flame dots. You need to put out one flame dot every turn, or they will consume another dot.
  • The flames are a persistent enemy in Two Dots level 61. It is essential that you do not allow the flames to spread through the top of the level. You only really have nine dots to work with at any given time. If those become filled with fire, your chances of finishing Two Dots level 61 are slim.
  • Getting 45 colored dots in 23 moves is ordinarily not very hard. However, it is much more difficult when you have only nine or ten dots of space at any given time.
  • You must look for squares at the beginning of every new turn. The bombs that you form with squares will help you collect enough dots to advance.
  • If there are no squares to be found, see if you can remove dots in a way that will make a square next turn. If that’s impossible, just try to keep the fire at bay.
  • The good news is that there are no dots you don’t need. Every dot you collect will go towards the Two Dots level 61 objective.
  • Since bombs are so important, you want to start off by making one if possible. If you don’t see a way to make a square right away when starting Two Dots level 61, you can exit without making a move. You won’t lose a life, and you’ll be able to reset the board.

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