Two Dots Level 60 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 60 is to break 32 blocks of ice in 60 moves

Two Dots Level 60 tips


Two Dots Level 60

  • The hardest thing about two dots level 60 is probably the shape of the board. But the good news is, every single space on the board cover in ice, so every match you make should help you get closer your goal of breaking 32 blocks of ice.
  • The shape of this board really lends itself to making boxes and bombs, so take advantage of that. Remember: a box does not only have to be a two by two square, and type of chap that is a closed loop of the same color qualifies as a box. The same thing goes for bombs: any closed loop that is the same color that encloses other dots counts as a bomb. So it the entire perimeter of this board was all one color and you connected all of those dots, it would be an enormous bomb!
  • You do have room to make a two by two square at the top of the board though, so take advantage of that!
  • There are four colors (red, blue, purple, and yellow) on this level. So making boxes might be a little tricky, but its definitely not impossible.
  • Boxes are also not the only way to win this level. Good old fashioned matches will work for a while too, although you should try to connect as many dots together as you can if that’s the kind of move you are trying to make. You have a lot of available moves on this level, so not every single move has to eliminate an entire color from the board. However, every move should try to break blocks of ice, and not worry about how many dots are being cleared from the board.

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