Two Dots Level 59 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 59 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of our favorite game, TwoDots. The objective of Two Dots level 59 is to break 8 blocks of ice and drop 8 anchors in 19 moves.

Two Dots Level 59 Tips

Level 59 Tip 1: Make moves from the bottom

two dots level 59

Two Dots level 59 is tricky. All of the anchors start out in blocks of ice. Thankfully, the anchors will drop out of the ice when there’s space below it, so you don’t need to break the ice before you drop the anchors.
Unfortunately, the anchors are surrounded by barriers on the top and bottom of the ice. The only space to their left and right are two columns. Those columns are only one dot wide.

Level 59 Tip 2: Crack ice

two dots 59
You have to crack the ice two times before it will break. You crack ice by matching the dots on the ice to their adjacent dots. Once you do this three times the ice will break completely. The blocks of ice are Two Dots level 59’s toughest obstacle. Begin each turn by asking yourself if you can crack one or more ice block. If you can, it’s probably in your best interest to do so.

Level 59 Tip 3: Boxes and bombs

two dots 59
Bombs and boxes are still your friends. Look for chances on the top and bottom of Two Dots level 59 to make bombs. Look at the bottom first, of course. If you manage to make a bomb there right away, you can remove four anchors immediately.
Concentrate on moving anchors out of the middle on either the right or left side first. Once you have the ability to make a bomb in the middle of the board, Two Dots level 59 will be a lot easier.

Level 59 Tip 4:Watch your moves

two dots 59
Remember, you only have 19 moves. That may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. Choose your moves carefully and try to make boxes as often as you can. You can’t really afford to waste any moves.


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