Two Dots Level 58 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 58 is to break 4 blocks of ice and drop 4 anchors in 18 moves

Two Dots Level 58 Tips


  • Two dots level 58 is another level where you have to drop anchors and break blocks of ice. What’s really tricky about this level is that you only have 18 moves to drop four anchors and break four blocks of ice, which isn’t very many moves.
  • Thankfully, all the anchors start on the board, and they only have to drop four rows to reach the bottom of the page. That means they don’t have very far to drop, and it should be fairly easy to get them to the bottom of the board.
  • The board is big enough and shaped the right way to make both boxes and bombs, so you should be looking for ways to make both of these. However, don’t make boxes for the sake of making boxes and don’t make bombs for the sake of making bombs. Make sure they’re both helping you achieve your objective of sinking four anchors and breaking four blocks of ice.
  • Don’t try to break all the blocks of ice first or drop all the anchors first. Look at the board and make the move that’s going to help you with both or either of them. Don’t miss out on a good opportunity to break some ice because you’re trying to get an anchor off the board. Since you only have eighteen moves on two dots level 58, one false step and you may lose the level.
  • If you end up with only blocks of ice, try to make sure that you have enough moves left to break them. Remember, it will take three matches to break a block of ice, and that could end up being a lot of moves. So try not to get stuck with only one move left and a block of ice to clear, because even if you make a match it might not break the block of ice.

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