Two Dots Level 56 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 56 is to break 11 blocks of ice in 24 moves

Two Dots Level 56 tips


    • Your only goal for two dots level 56 is to break up blocks of ice to clear them off the board. Initially, all of the blocks of ice are separated from the rest of the board. Therefore your best bet for beating this level is to match dots in blocks of ice with each other, or to make boxes in the outer columns of the board.
    • There’s no way to make bombs on this level, so don’t waster you time, effort, and precious moves trying to make any. Instead focus on making boxes in the outer columns, since that will give you the best chance for beating this challenging level.
    • Remember that blocks of ice take three matches to break. So having to break 11 blocks of ice in 24 moves is actually pretty challenging, because it requires making 33 matches.
    • Try to set yourself up to make boxes in the outer columns. But if it seems like you can’t make boxes in the outer column, don’t ignore the dots in the blocks of ice in the middle columns. It is possible that the entire missile column will be all one color, in which case you should definitely match it! Don’t just focus on the outer columns.
    • Don’t connect dots for the sake of connecting dots. There is no dot clearing objective on this level, your only job is to break blocks of ice. Therefore all of your moves should be to meet that objective. If you get a really long snake, but not a closed loop, on the outer columns, it’s probably not worth it to make that connection because it won’t help you clear out any of the ice blocks.

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