Two Dots Level 54 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 54 is to break 7 blocks of ice and clear 50 purple and 50 yellow in 15 moves

Two Dots Level 54 tips


    • In two dots level 54 you’re back to worrying about how many dots you have to clear. And the good news is there are only purple and yellow dots on the board, so there are no other color dots to get in your way when you’re trying to clear the purple and yellow ones.
    • This board really lends itself to making boxes and bombs, so take advantage of it. Remember: a box does not only have to be a four by four square, and type of chap that is a closed loop of the same color qualifies as a box. The same thing goes for bombs: any closed loop that is the same color that encloses other dots counts as a bomb. So it the entire perimeter of this board was all one color and you connected all of those dots, it would be an enormous bomb!
    • All of the blocks of ice are in the middle column of the board. That actually works for you, because it makes them easier to clear. They have more neighbors in the middle column than if they had been in the outer columns, so thats more chances to make a match and break the ice.
    • You only have 15 moves this round. That’s really not a lot of moves. So even though this round seems daily simple, still plan our your moves carefully. Focus on clearing the blocks of ice first. There are only purple and yellow dots on the board and its so easy to make boxes and bombs to clear the dots. Therefore you should make sure that you can break the ice before you worry about the dots.

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