Two Dots Level 53 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots Level 53 tips and tricks for this challenging level of two dots.The objective of level 53 is to break 16 blocks of ice and drop 10 anchors in 40 moves

Two Dots Level 53 Tips


    • The goal for two dots level 53 is to break 16 blocks of ice and to drop ten anchors, and you only have 40 moves to do it. Try not to get focused on only breaking blocks of ice or only dropping anchors, because you have to do both of these things in order to beat the level.
    • The good news is, the anchors don’t have very far to drop. The anchors on the second row only have to drop 5 rows and the anchors on the top row only have to drop 6 rows. This means getting the anchors to the bottom of the board will be fairly simple, the real challenge will be breaking all the blocks of ice.
    • Don’t forget about the four blocks of ice on top of the board. They’s separated from the rest of the board, so they could be easy to overlook.
    • Not all of the anchors will be on the board at the beginning of the round. They will drop down as the round goes on. Also, remember not to focus on dots above the anchors if you’re trying to make a move that will drop the anchors. Making matches above the anchors won’t move the anchors down the board at all, so avoid them. Unless of course they will somehow help you make matches below the anchors which will help you drop them.
    • As always, make as many boxes and bombs as you can. They will clear more dots and blocks of ice then normal matches will. But don’t just make bombs and boxes for the sake of clearing out dots, try to make sure that they will help you achieve the objective.

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