Two Dots Level 52 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 52 tips and cheats for this difficult level of two dots. The objective of level 52 is to break 10 blocks of ice and drop 3 anchors in 25 moves

Two Dots Level 52 tips


  • PLOT TWIST: On this level you have to deal with blocks of ice and anchors! What fun! Make sure you focus on both of the objectives as you play the game, and don’t get tunnel vision with only one of them.
  • You know the deal at this point: clear the dots below the anchors to get the anchors to the bottom of the board. Don’t really worry about the dots above the anchors, unless they’ll help you make a match with dots below the anchors. Or of course unless they’ll help you break blocks of ice.
  • Blocks of ice take three matches to be cleared. On the first two matches the ice will crack, but not break all the way through. The third time the block of ice will break and be removed from the board.
  • What’s tricky about two dots level 52 is that you only have twenty five moves to drop three anchors and clear out 10 blocks of ice. That doesn’t leave a lot, if any, room for error. Plan each move carefully. One wrong move and you could lost the level, but if you follow our tips you should be fine.
  • It’s going to be easier to drop the anchors than to break the blocks of ice. But you should really try and make every move count toward both goals since you have so few moves. If you can make a box that will break some ice, but only need to remove two of the dots to drop the anchor, then obviously make the box! There’s no reason not to.

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