Two Dots Level 51 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots Level 51 tips and cheats for this tricky level of two dots. The objective of level 51 is to break 8 blocks of ice in 40 moves

Two Dots Level Tips


  • On two dots level 51, all of the blocks are isolated from the rest of the board in pairs. If the two dots in the pairs are the same color, then you’re in luck and you can just match the pairs to break the ice. But if they’re not, you need to make boxes in the left hand side area of the board.
  • Its fairly easy to predict what dots are going to fall into the blocks of ice. This makes it easy to plan your moves out to make boxes. Just pay attention to the color of the dots above the match that you’re about to make, so you know the color of the dots that will be in the ice you need to break. This should make it easier to plan ahead and beat the level.
  • You have 40 moves to break 8 blocks of ice. It takes three tries to break a block of ice. That means that you have 24 moved where you have to break blocks of ice. The rest of the moves should be spent maneuvering to make boxes and bombs to help break the ice.
  • Remember, a box will clear all the dots on the board that are the same color as the box. Bombs are three by three boxes whose perimeter is the same color. The inside dot can be the same or a different color. Bombs will act like boxes with their outside color, but will also clear out all the dots around their perimeter.
  • If the inside dot in a bomb is a block of ice, the block of ice will be destroyed.

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