Two Dots Level 50 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 50 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game. The objective of level 50 is to drop 5 anchors and break 16 blocks of ice in 40 moves.

Two Dots Level 50


  • In Two Dots level 50, you have a very small four-by-six board to work with. On the right side of this board is a very strange sight. It looks something like a Plinko board.
  • This “Plinko board” is where all the anchors are located in Two Dots level 50. Except for the very top part, there are no places where two or more colored dots line up.
  • Because of this, it is impossible to drop the anchors directly. You will have to make bombs on the main board to remove the anchors from Two Dots level 50.
  • Don’t bother making any matches on the “Plinko” board. You will almost always be more efficient while making moves on the main board.
  • This is a very good thing, because all the ice blocks are on the main board. They are coating the outside of the rectangle. Remember that it will take two moves to completely break a block of ice.
  • Plan your moves in advance. Since there are no tricky triangles in the main board, you can predict how the blocks will fall. You might not want to make the biggest move possible all the time.
  • Look at the screenshot above. There are lots of yellow dots on the bottom half of the Two Dots level 50 board. They are connected, but out player won’t remove them all at once. Instead, they will leave the one in the lower right corner alone. This will let the green dots fall together so they can be removed. Then, the isolated yellow dot will fall above the bottom right hand corner one, and both can be matched.
  • Of course, you need to remember the anchors. Matches that don’t create bombs should be kept to a minimum. You need to make as many bombs as possible to complete the anchor objective. Once the anchors are gone, you can make any kind of matches you want.

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