Two Dots Level 49 Tips & Cheats

Two dots level 49 tips and cheats to help you beat level 49 of Two Dots. The objective of level 49 is to break 6 blocks of ice in 30 moves

Two Dots Level 49 Tips


  • Right away you should notice that two of the blocks of ice are isolated from the rest of the blocks of ice and most of the board. The only way to make a match with the dots on these blocks of ice is make a match from the side or make a box that is the same color as the dots in the block of ice.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the board on two dots level 49. Figure out the way the dots are going to fall before they fall, so that you can plan your moves well in advance of making them.
  • You have 30 moves to break six blocks of ice. Since you need to make a match with ice three times before it will break, that means that on at least 18 of those moves you need to be hitting the ice somehow. The other 12 moves should be spent trying to set up moves that will let you hit ice on the next turn.
  • The four blocks of ice on top of the screen are also isolated from the rest of the board. The two gaps on either side of the dots mean that the only way to make matches with these blocks of ice are from the two dots above them. If you can make matches from the two dots on top of them, great! But if not you should be looking to make boxes, boxes, boxes!
  • Remember, clearing dots isn’t an objective of this level. That means you really shouldn’t pay attention to getting as many dots cleared as possible of one color or another. Just focus on breaking blocks of ice, not on clearing colors.

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