Two Dots Level 48 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 48 tips and tricks for this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 48 is to break 8 blocks of ice in 35 moves

Two Dots Level 48 tips


  • The objective in this level is to break eight blocks of ice. There are eight blocks of ice one the board, but they’re all completely isolated from the other dots on the board. The dots in the blocks of ice aren’t touching any of the other dots on the board. There’s no way for them to make a direct connection. You know what that means: we’re making some boxes.
  • The nice thing about this set up is that it’s easy to predict how the dots are going to fall from one block of ice to another. The dots just fall straight down from one little bump out to the next. That’s going to make it easier to figure out what color boxes you need to make to beat the level, because you can tell what dot is going to occupy the blocks of ice for a couple of moves to come.
  • Each block of ice takes three tries to break. There’s eight blocks, so you should need to make twenty four boxes. Thankfully, you have thirty two moves in this round. So that should be enough wiggle room to get you comfortable spending some moves setting up boxes.
  • That being said, you should not have too many moves that aren’t making boxes or bombs. Linking together really long chains that aren’t for setting up a box or a bomb aren’t going to help you at all. The only way to break the ice is to make a box or a bomb. So every move you make somehow take you one step closer to achieving that objective.

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