Two Dots Level 47 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 47 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game. The objective of Two Dots level 47 is to drop 3 anchors and break 12 blocks of ice in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 47 Tips

two dots level 47

  • There are twelve blocks of ice and three anchors on the board to start the Two Dots level 47. So, all the pieces that you need are there for you to successfully complete the level.
  • You have to clear the dots on the ice blocks three times before the ice blocks will break. The first two times you match them the ice blocks will only crack, not break.
  • Pay attention to how the dots will fall based on the spaces in the board. Remember, anchors will fall off the board, but blocks of ice will stay in place until you break them, at which point they are cleared from the board.
  • Boxes and bombs are still your friends. Remember, when you form a square, all of the dots of the colored square will be cleared from the board. To form a bomb, you will need to form a square around another dot. When a bomb is formed it will clear out a cluster of dots surrounding it.
  • This board is actually big enough that you can make some good bombs in this round, and they can be really useful in this round for dropping anchors and breaking ice. This strategy is the key to Two Dots level 47.
  • Don’t focus all your energy on breaking the blocks of ice. Although they are harder to break than the anchors are to stop, you still need to drop the anchors in order to make it through the round
  • If you’re still stuck, be sure to check out the Two Dots level 47 video walkthrough on the next page!

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