Two Dots Level 46 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots Level 46 tips and tricks for this tough level of two dots. The objective of level 46 is to break 20 blocks of ice in 20 moves

Two Dots Level 46 tips


  • So the obvious method here is to make boxes and bombs to clear out as many blocks of ice as possible. Remember that you can make boxes anywhere on the board, not just where there are blocks of ice. So you have to be sure to use the two sections of the board that aren’t covered in ice when you’re playing.
  • Watch out for the four blocks of ice in the lower right hand corner. Try to clear those out sooner, rather than later. It should be relatively easy to do, but how much would it suck if you had four different colors in that corner and had to make four separate boxes just to clear out those four blocks of ice? And what if you had to do it three times?
  • Pay attention to the shape of the board. Its not a typical rectangle. This will cause some dots that you may not expect to be isolated.
  • Remember that is takes three tries to break a block of ice, so you have to break on average at least three blocks of ice on every move. It’s going to take 60 matches between colored pairs of dots to break 20 blocks of ice, but you only have 20 moves. So you have to minimize the number of times your only matching two dots, and try to make sure your either making a box or a bomb on every move. If you can’t make a box or a bomb, try to set yourself up so that on the next move you can make a box or a bomb.

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