Two Dots Level 43 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 43 tips and tricks for one of the hardest levels of two dots. The objective of level 43 is to break 24 blocks of ice in 23 moves.

Two Dots Level 43 Tips


  • Two Dots level 43 is pretty tricky. The ice blocks are arranged in a 4 by 4 square in the center of the board as well as around the perimeter of the board.
  • Start with the four red dots in the middle of the board. Sometimes its best to go for the low hanging fruit. This should create a lot of other squares in the board, which will make it easier to beat the level.
  • Pay attention to the colors of the dots in the squares after each move. The color in the dots changes from move to move depending on what move you make. This can make it difficult, but not impossible, to plan ahead. But it does mean that sometimes you may have to change your plans. The move you were planning on making might not end up being a good move anymore.
  • Make boxes, but only if the boxes are the some color as some of the dots frozen in the ice blocks. This is especially true toward the end of the level, where there’s a ton of boxes but not that many ice blocks. If only a green dot and yellow dot are stuck in ice, it probably doesn’t make sense to make a purple or red square.
  • Don’t forget, on this level you actually have more blocks of ice to break than move. Every ice block takes three tries to break. That means you have to be breaking ice on pretty much every move. Boxes and bombs are a great way to make this happen. Although, often bering able to beatthis level comes down to the last few moves.

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