Two Dots Level 42 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 42 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game.The objective of Two Dots level 42 is to break 12 blocks of ice in 23 moves.

Two Dots Level 42 Tips

two dots level 42

  • Two Dots level 42 is all about cracking some ice, 12 blocks to be exact. Unfortunately, you will only have 23 moves to do so. As you will see there are also two odd breaks in the third row of the board. But don’t worry we’ll get you through it!
  • In order to break a block of ice, you must create three separate matches with the colored dot that rests inside it. When one match is made, that dot will be replaced with the dot above it.
  • There are two very fast and efficient ways to go about this in Two Dots level 42.
  • The first strategy you should employ is to rack up the squares. When a square is formed, all of the dots that are of the same color as the square, will be cleared from the board. Therefore, any dot in a block of ice will be cleared as well. Remember, once one square is made, it becomes that much easier to keep the chain going.
  • Another solid idea is to form bombs. Bombs are created when you form a square other dots. These dots will then be turned into bombs which will then explode soon after the are formed. The explosion will clear out a cluster of dots around it. Therefore, it would be a good idea to form these bombs around any blocks of ice.
  • If you are looking for a leg up on the challenge, quit out and reset the board. With any luck, you may be able to start with a square.
  • If you’re still stuck, check out the Two Dots level 42 video walkthrough on the next page!

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