Two Dots Level 41 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots Level 41 tips and tricks for this challenging level of two dots. The objective of Two Dots Level 41 is to break 28 blocks of ice in 35 moves.

Two Dots Level 41 Tips


  • Two Dots Level 41 is pretty straight forward. All you really have to do it make as many boxes and bombs as possible so that you can break the ice.
  • Remember that ice takes three tries to break, so breaking 28 blocks of will require the ice to be hit 84 times. Bombs, however, will break the ice block the first time they are hit. So if you have the opportunity to make a bomb, do it.In case you’ve forgotten, bombs are three by three boxes with the same color on the outside of the box. The dot on the inside of the box can be the same color or a different color all together. Actually, the inside of a bomb doesn’t even have to be a dot, it can be an anchor or a block of ice!
  • Remember: dots are not frozen in ice, they move around the board the same way they normally would. keep this in mind while playing. You may try to make a green square so that you can break a piece of ice with a green dot in it. But if you make a move such that the green dot falls out of the block of ice, making a green square won’t matter anymore.
  • Don’t rely solely on making boxes. If you have an opportunity break the ice just using a normal move, take it. You can’t only make boxes the whole game. If you do, you may miss some opportunities to break ice and end up running out of moves. Your primary goal should be to break ice, not make bombs.

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