Two Dots Level 36 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 36 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game. The objective of Two Dots level 36 is to break 4 blocks of ice in 25 moves.

Two Dots Level 36 Tips

Two Dots Level 36

  • Two Dots level 36 is the first level to introduce you to the ice blocks. For this board, you will only need to break 4 of the in 25 moves.
  • In order to break an ice block, you will need to create three separate matches. Once you match one dot within the block of ice, another will fall into it. Therefore, you will need to create two more matches. Get it?
  • Now there are some rather efficient ways to go about this.
  • If you’re lucky at all, your ice blocks will be full of the same colored dot. If this happens, you can connect the dots and damage all of this in one swift move.
  • Of course, you can always count on some trusty squares. When a square is formed, it will clear out all of the same colored dots from the board. Therefore, if any of the same colored dots lay in an ice block, they will be cleared away as well and be counted towards your ice matches.
  • You can also crack ice with bombs. To form a bomb, you will need to create a square around another dot or multiple dots. Any dots inside the square will turn into a bomb. Shortly after its formation, the bomb will explode and clear out our several dots in the surrounding area.
  • If all else fails here, just make simple matches. 25 moves is plenty.
  • Pulling your hair out because you can’t get past Two Dots level 36? Relax, buddy. Simply click over to the next page and check out the Two Dots level 36 video walkthrough.

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