Two Dots Level 33 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 33 tips and cheats to get you through this difficult level of Two Dots. The objective of level 33 is to drop 7 anchors in 18 moves. Use the tips below to help you beat level 33 of Two Dots.

Two Dots Level 33 Tips

Level 33 Tip 1: Focus on the middle section of the board.

two dots level 33 tip 1

In this level the board is broken up into three different sections. On the top and bottom there are separate rows, leaving a gap in the middle.  Since the middle section of the board has the most dots, look to make combinations in the center of the board.  This is the best area to create squares and drop the anchors.


Level 33 Tip 2: Drop the anchors.

two dots level 33 tip 2

All of the 7 anchors will enter the board from the start at the top row.  Keep track of where they are falling throughout the entire level. This way you will be able to plan ahead. Look to get them on the bottom half of the board as quickly as you can.  This way, when you create squares there is a higher chance of them making it to the bottom row.


Level 33 Tip 2: Make Squares.


two dots level 33 tip 3The only way to drop all the anchors all the way to the bottom of the board is to create squares. The four anchors that are in the same columns as the purple, red, yellow and green dots in the bottom row won’t be able to get out without a square.  The anchors will get stuck in the middle of the board until you have created a square with the same color dot that is at the bottom.  Look to create the squares in the middle of the board.  Creating one square will clear the entire the board of that colored dot.  Once you are able to create one square, it will be easier for you to continuously create them with different squares.


Level 33 Tip 4: Look for bomb opportunities.

two dots level 33 tip 4

Don’t forget to make bombs whenever you can. Bombs are not only great for getting rid of colors, but can also be used to explode anchors. Exploding the anchor is the same thing as dropping it off the board, so it will work in you favor and get you one step closer to meeting your objective.


Level 33 Tip 5: Take your time.

two dots level 33 tip 5

Take your time in this level. Since there is no time limit, make sure you are scanning the board to look for potential box or bomb opportunities.  Keep track of your moves as well.  With only 18 moves to use, make sure that each move is helping you drop the anchors!

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