Two Dots Level 31 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 31 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game. The objective of level 31 is to drop 9 anchors and clear 50 purple, 40 blue, 30 red, and 20 yellow in 40 moves.

Two Dots Level 31 Tips

Two Dots Level 31

  • Remember Two Dots level 27? It was a cake walk, right? Well, Two Dots level 31 is actually quite similar. Except that it’s much more difficult. Not only will you need to drop 9 anchors, but you will also need to clear a large quantity of 4 different colored dots.
  • Thankfully, you start Two Dots level 31 off with four anchors on the board. To drop them you will need to clear the single dot that rests below them. Now, since there is nothing below these dots, your only option will be to clear them using squares.
  • When you form a square, you clear out all of the same colored dots from the board. So, once you form a square of whatever dot is below your anchor, it will drop. Fortunately, there are no green dots, so no square is a bad square in Two Dots level 31.
  • This will also work out nicely in that it will greatly aid you in collecting your needed colored dots.
  • You will also notice a hollow rectangle blocker at the bottom of the board. What is nice about this is that your anchors and dots will slide right through them. Keep that in mind when you make your matches.
  • You can also try and work with you matches from the bottom two row. Doing this will make a cascade effect which will in turn drop more dots and anchors onto the board for you.
  • Still struggling with this board? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Just head over to the next page to check out the Two Dots level 31 video walkthrough.

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