Two Dots Level 29 Tips & Cheats

Two dots level 29 tips and cheats for one of the trickier levels of Two Dots. The objective of level 29 is to drop 6 anchors in 32 moves.

Two Dots Level 29 tips


  • DO NOT clear out the dots on the bottom left and right hand corners of the board first. I know it looks tempting because they’re all the same color. But if you clear them out first, you’re going to end up screwing yourself over.


  • Because the bottom left and right hand corners are single columns, the only way you can clear those dots is if they have the same color above or below them, or you make a square from those colors. So what you should do is get the two anchors from the top of the board onto the top of those purple and green columns, and then clear the columns. This will get you four anchors cleared in only a couple of moves.
  • Pay attention to the slanted boards. On the first three levels, the dots don’t move at all like they would on a normal board. This can really screw you over if you forget about it. The dots slide along the board instead of moving down like they normally would, and the dot on the second row that is one space removed from either side won’t move at all unless two dots below it are cleared.
  • You have a lot of moves on two dots level 29, which is great news. But you’re probably going to end up needing most, if not all of them. Don’t make moves just for the sake of making moves, focus on getting the anchors to the bottom of the board.
  • If the anchors do get stuck somewhere, you can always make boxes. Boxes will always be useful to help you get through levels.

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