Two Dots Level 27 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 27 tips and cheats to help you beat this difficult level of the game. The objective of Two Dots level 27 is to drop 4 anchors in 20 moves.

Two Dots Level 27 Tips

two dots level 27

  • Two Dots level 27 is cake walk. All you need to do is drop 4 anchors in 20 moves.
  • I mean come on, they even give you the anchors on the board. They are right there in the second row!
  • Ok, so there is a tiny problem in Two Dots level 27. Obviously, your anchors are blocked but dots of all different colors. Of course, you can’t clear those dots out by matches. Therefore, your only option to clear the anchors is to form squares. To be more exact, you will need to form at least one square of purple, green, red, and yellow dots.
  • When a square is formed, all dots of the same color will be cleared from the board. So, when you form a square, you will drop an anchor.
  • However, take note that blue is not a dot blocking your anchors path. So, to preserve moves, only create a blue square if you are confident it will help you get through Two Dots level 27.
  • With such a wide open board, you should have no problem forming squares in Two Dots level 27.
  • In order to make a square, you are going to need to take your time. Forget about rapid and random matches. Make sure everything you do has a plan.
  • You can also quit out and reset the board. Hopefully, at some point of doing this, you will be able start with an already formed square.
  • Are you really still struggling with this level? No worries. Just go to the next page and check out the Two Dots level 27 video walkthrough.

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