Two Dots Level 26 Tips & Cheats

Two dots level 26 tips and cheats for this tricky level of two dots. The objective of level 26 is to clear 50 purple, 50 blue, and 50 yellow dots in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 26 Tips

Level 26 Tip #1: Watch how the dots fall.


Study the shape of the board and figure out how the dots are going to fall. Although you may think you know how the dots will fall, this detail can be tricky, and it may end up determining whether or not you win or lose the game. After a few turns you should get the hang of it, but just make sure you pay attention, since this is not a typical board. Remember that just because there’s a barrier doesn’t mean it’s “solid.”

Level 26 Tip #2: Maximize every move.

two dots level 26
In order to make it through Two Dots level 26, you will need clear 50 purple, 50 blue, and 50 yellow dots from the board in only thirty moves.Therefore, you are going to have to collect at least ten dots per move on average. This is a pretty tall order, so make sure you’re getting rid of as many dots as possible in every turn. But remember to think ahead.

Level 26 Tip #3: Look for squares.

The only way to get a ten dot per turn average is to create a square in the bottom left or right side of the board. Looking at the shape of the board, you can see that the only place where you can make squares in the the bottom left hand or right hand corners. This means you may have to strategize and plan your moves accordingly to get four dots of the same color in those spaces.

Level 26 Tip #4: Concentrate on the right colors.

After getting the first box, this level becomes pretty easy. There are only three colors in this level, so once one of the colors is cleared off the board its no problem getting the two other colors positioned so that you can make more boxes. Once you’ve collected one color completely, focus on getting the other two before you collect more of that color. Overkill is unnecessary.

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