Two Dots Level 25 Tips & Cheats

The objective of level 25 is to clear 30 purple, 30 red, 30 green and 30 yellow in 18 moves.

Two Dots Level 25 Tips

Two Dots Level 25

  • Since all you have to do in this level is clear colors, you don’t have to be as strategic as in other levels. But you only have 18 moves to clear 120 dots, so you still have to make your moves carefully.
  • Making squares of colors clears all of those colors from the board. This is really useful in levels where you don’t have many moves.
  • Making a box of one color around another color creates a “bomb”. The bomb clears all of the dots next to it and acts clears out all the dots of the same color.
  • Watch out for the slanted surfaces. The dots don’t slide into place like they normally would, and this could throw you off.

Two Dots Level 25

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