Two Dots Level 22 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 22 tips and tricks for the fun buy challenging level of the game. The objective of level 22 is to drop 4 anchors in 12 moves.

Two Dots Level 22 Tips


  • You only have 12 moves in this level. That means you have to plan your moves carefully and make connections wisely. You can’t really afford to have a move that doesn’t bring you closer to singing one of the four anchors.
  • Not all the anchors will be on the board at the beginning of the level. But they will drop down as the level goes on, giving you ample opportunity to get four anchors dropped off the board.
  • Like on other levels, make boxes! Boxes will make all of the dots that are the same color as the box clear off the board. This can come in really handy on this level because you only have 12 moves to clear four anchors off of a 5 by 5 board. You’re going to need to use boxes as often as you can.
  • Focus on the anchors. There aren’t any color related objectives on this level, so you don’t have to worry about trying to clear off a certain number of dots from the board. All you have to do is clear a path for the anchors to get to the bottom of the board.
  • Make bombs! Bombs are three by three squares of the same color that have a dot inside them. They’re like boxes because they’ll clear out all the dots that are the same color, but more powerful because they’ll also clear out all the dots adjacent to themselves. Bombs are also great because they can clear anchors, which counts as sinking them. So if you’re really stuck on an anchor, try and build a bomb around it to get rid of it.

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