Two Dots Level 2 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 2 tips will help you beat this level.  The objective of level 2 is to clear 15 blue, 15 red, 15 green and 15 yellow in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 2


  • Level 2 features a larger board with more colors than the previous level.  However, the objectives are simple: collect 15 blue, red, green, and yellow dots with 30 moves.
  • This level is still fairly simple since it still and introductory level.  If you are not familiar with the game though, this is a great level to learn on.
  • Look to make large combinations around the board.  On the board you may see many different match options but always choose the largest match in this level.  This way you will be able to use your moves more effectively.


  • Now that the board is a little bit bigger in this level, it will be easier to create squares.  Remember, when you are able to create a square, the entire color will be eliminated from the board.  This will help you to collect multiple dots at once.
  • Once you create one square, it will be easier for you to continue creating squares with the other colors.
  • Use this level to help you strategize for future levels.  Since you have plenty of moves, now is the time to make mistakes.  Learn the flow of how the dots fall onto the board and which matches are most beneficial.
  • If you have extra moves at the end, the game will automatically score you more points with five extra moves and increase your stars.


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