Two Dots Level 17 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 17 tips will help you beat this level. The objective of level 17 is to drop 11 anchors and clear 40 blue, 30 red, and 20 green in 24 moves.

Two Dots Level 17


  • Make every move count in this level.  Since you need to collect 11 anchors and 90 dots, you will need to use each move wisely.
  • Focus on making matches that will not only help you to collect a certain color dot but also, bring down the anchors at the same time. If you are able to have each move help you to collect two objective, you will be using your most most effectively.
  • The anchors and blue dots will be the hardest to collect.  Make sure you focus on collecting them first. Green and red dots will follow.


  • Look to create squares.  Squares will help you to collect the dots more effectively.  Remember, when you create one square, the entire color will be removed from the board.
  • Also, squares can help the cascade effect.  When you create one square it is highly likely that you will be able to create continuous squares.
  • Another trick for this level is to look for bombs.  Bombs will help you to clear out twice as many dots as you could with just one single move.
  • Keep track of your objectives.  Once you have filled one objective try not to waste moves on collecting that dot or anchor.  Move onto the next objective.  Also, keeping track of your objectives will help you to not run out of moves at the end of the level.


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