Two Dots Level 15 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 15 tips will help you beat this level.  The objective of level 15 is to drop 5 anchors in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 15


  • In Level 15, your only focus will be on bringing down the anchors.  Since you do not need to collect different colored dots, you will be able to make a variety of combinations.
  • However, this board is fairly narrow.  This may make making squares and other large combinations more difficult than normal.
  • When the anchors fall to the bottom rows, you need to strategize to make sure that you can clear the dots underneath them or else they will get stuck.


  • Look to bring down like colors together so that you have options when you need to drop the anchors to the bottom.
  • The most effective way to beat this level is to create squares.  Squares will help you to drop the anchors to the bottom more efficiently.
  • Also, once you are able to create one square, the cascade effect may come into play.  Look to continuously create squares throughout the entire level.
  • Continuously creating squares will help to avoid getting the anchors stuck above a dot that does not have any like colors near it.
  • If you are able to create bombs in this level, do so.  Bombs will help you to clear out the surrounding dots around a single dot which may help you to bring down the anchors more quickly as well.
  • Only focus on bringing down the anchors in this level, not large combinations.


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