Two Dots Level 14 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 4 tips will help you beat this level. The objective of level 14 is to drop 10 anchors and clear 40 red, 35 yellow, and 10 blue in 20 moves.

Two Dots Level 14 tips

Two Dots Level 14

  • This level is a little bit tricky because you have to clear anchors and get rid of a lot of dots in only 20 moves. 20 moves goes pretty quickly when you have 85 dots to clear.
  • Don’t just focus on moves where you are clearing a lot of dots or dropping anchors. Try to make moves that will drop a lot of anchors off the board AND clear a ton of dots
  • If you make a lot of bombs, typically the anchors will fall off the board on their own. But you should still keep track of how many anchors have fallen off the board and how many you have left to go. If you lose track you might and up with nine anchors left to drop off the board and only one turn to do it in – not good! But keep track of what you have done so that this won’t happen to you.


  • If you keep track of your objectives, you will not waste moves on fulfilling objectives that have already been fulfilled.
  • Once you drop the first couple of anchors, the game gets pretty easy. It is fairly easy to make boxes on such a small board, especially when there are only three colors. So go crazy! Make as many boxes as you can.


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