Two Dots Level 135 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 135 tips will help you beat this tough level. The objective of level 135 is to drop 9 anchors and break 5 squares of ice in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 135


  • You have a lot of moves to work with in Two Dots level 135, so you’ll have a little time to set up your strategy. Plan far ahead and you’ll do fine.
  • Your first task is to clear out the blockers from the middle and right columns. You need more space to move, and you must destroy all the blockers to get rid of anchors.
  • The quickest way to destroy the blockers is to make squares. You might not be able to make any right away, but look for them in the left column to get started. Break through a few squares in the middle column and you’ll be on your way.


  • If you can’t see a naturally occurring square, that doesn’t mean there’s no chance to make one yourself. You have enough moves in Tow Dots level 135 to spend a couple of them on making a square by hand.
  • Look for dots of the same color that are separated by a block of other dots. If you can remove a bunch of dots at once, you might wind up with a square after they’re gone. Bonus points (figuratively) if you can make a square while removing a blocker.


  • Your first priority has to be the anchors. Until the four in the right column are gone, the remaining five won’t drop into the board. Without those five, you’ll never beat Two Dots level 135.
  • Once the anchors and blockers are gone, you can focus on the ice squares. By this point, making squares–even on this segmented Two Dots level 135 board–shouldn’t be hard. Make squares one after another to destroy the ice from anywhere on the board and drop anchors at the same time. Multitasking for the win!

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