Two Dots Level 13 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 13 tips will help you beat this level. The objective of level 13 is to drop 2 anchors in 6 moves.

Two Dots Level 13


  • Level 13 is a tutorial level.  In this level you only have 6 moves to bring down the two anchors.  However the anchors are stuck on the right side of the board.
  • One the board there are two triangles that keep the anchors from coming down.
  • With only six moves, look to make different combinations on the right side of the board.  Larger combinations will help you to increase your score and achieve more stars.
  • Look to make squares if possible.  Although they will not help you to bring down and collect the anchors, they will help you to use each move effectively.


  • Do not get discouraged when you are running low on moves.  Since this is a tutorial level, you will not succeed.  After you sixth move, the game will offer you a bomb.  The bomb is the only way to bring down the two anchors.
  • When you place the bomb in the above the anchors, when it is activated the bomb will take out the other two anchors below it, allowing you to collect the objectives.
  • In this level, the board is set up for you to fail, however do not worry because it is a tutorial level and they will help you to keep moving in the game.
  • Learn how bombs work because they may help you succeed in the more difficult levels.


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