Two Dots Level 12 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 12 tips will help you beat this level.  The objective of level 12 is to drop 2 anchors in 15 moves.

Two Dots Level 12


  • The only focus in this level is to bring down 2 anchors in fifteen moves.  The board should start with two anchors at the top of the level.   If it does not, reset the board until there are two anchors to start.
  • The board is fairly large with five different colors on it.  Having multiple colors on the board may make making matches a little more difficult.  The first anchor may be a little more easy to bring down than the second anchor depending on the board.
  • When bringing down the anchors, make sure that the board is set up so that each move will be beneficial.  Sometimes you may think you have a great combination lined up, but the dots above it may not have any like colors coming down.


  • If there are no like colors to match up with the dot, you may begin to waste many moves trying to bring down that color dot.
  • Look to make squares.  Squares may help you if you find yourself in the situation above.  Also, squares will help to bring down the anchors more quickly.
  • In this level, try not to focus on making large combinations.  Large combinations will only help if you need a certain color square.
  • Look to make combination under the anchors.  Although there may be a large combination on the board, if it does not help to bring down the anchors, do not make it.


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