Two Dots Level 110 Tips & Cheats

The objective of Two Dots level 110 is to break 7 blocks of ice in 71 moves.

Two Dots Level 110

Level 110 Tip #1: Start in the center first

two dots level 110

Two Dots level 110 is one of the most difficult in the game. In fact, it was so hard, the developers had to redesign it in a game update. Anyways, it would be ideal for you to begin the game with a square that would NOT match any of he dots above the side sand stones. You don’t want to let those those flames out. You can can even reset the board if need be. Once satisfied, work your way through the center of the board with squares and simple matches. You need to get to the bottom of the board.

Level 110 Tip #2: Be careful of squares

two dots level 110
I can not stress this enough. You can not let the flames out from the sides to the top of the board. Doing so will pretty much ruin your day. And if you let them both out at the same time, you are beat. So, as mentioned before, you need to be careful using squares. As tempting as it may be, just stick with squares that will not affect the sides.

Level 110 Tip #3: Work from the bottom to the sides

two dots level 110
Once you are through the center of the board, begin clearing out the flames, ices, and sand stones. You need to clear your way through the sides of the board. As long as the two top side sand stones remain, going this route will ensure that your flames can not escape to through the sides.

Level 110 Tip #4: Square city

two dots level 110
Once you have cleared the majority of the ice, begin assaulting the flames with squares. Once one is made, it should be easy to continue the chain. But remember, do not match the dots above those side stones. Beat this game from matching from the bottom only.

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