Two Dots Level 11 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots level 11 tips and cheats to help you beat this basic level of the gameThe objective of level 11 is to drop 7 anchors and clear 30 purple and 30 green in 15 moves.

Two Dots Level 11


  • In this level, you want to make sure that every move counts and you maximize every move.
  • The board is small with only 9 dots for you to make moves with.  Look to bring down the anchors when you can.  Try to avoid getting the anchors stuck above a color.
  • Look to make squares.  Remember, squares allow you to remove and collect an entire color from the board.  With only two colors to collect, this should help you to collect the thirty green and purple dots more quickly.
  • Once you are able to create one square, the cascade effect may happen.  In this level you may be able to continuously create squares with each move.


  • When an anchor enters the board, focus on bringing it down right away.  The anchors will be more difficult to collect since they come onto the board randomly.
  • Look to make bombs.  Bombs are made when you can make a square around another dot.  In this level, a bomb would be made if you can string together the dots on the outside of the square.
  • When a bomb is created, it will help you to collect the surrounding dots. Making each move more effective.
  • Level 11 is not difficult as long as you continuously make squares and/or bombs.


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