Two Dots Level 10 Tips & Cheats

Two Dots Level 10 tips and tricks to help you beat this challenging level of the game. The objective of Two Dots level 10 is to clear 30 blue, 30 red, 30 green, and 30 yellow in 30 moves.

Two Dots Level 10 tips


  • Learn how the dots will fall with the blank spaces in the board. It might not fall exactly how you think, so you might have to play around with it. Learn quickly though, because you only have 30 moves to clear 120 dots.
  • You do the math? That means you have to get at least four dots on each move. So boxes on every turn would be ideal, but that’s not really realistic. But make sure you try to clear as many dots as you can on each turn. Long snakes and crazy shapes are still your friends on these easier early levels.


  • If you start getting low on moves, try to optimize your remaining moves to make bombs or boxes. Long chains of dots are also great, but making boxes or bombs will clear more dots in less moves. This is really useful when you have to clear 30 dots but you only have five moves left. That being said, don’t get distracted by trying to make boxes. If its going to take you five moves just to set up a box, it’s probably not worth it to make that box.
  • Some times there will be no more moves available moves. If that happens, Two Dots will shuffle! Which is awesome, because the game will always shuffle to get you more moves.
  • The nice thing about this level is that there are no anchors or blocks of ice or crazy fires to work around. Its just nice and simple matching of dots. So just try to think a couple moves ahead and you’ll have no problem beating this level. It’s not too tricky, just play carefully and think about it.


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